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We will update this list as more questions arise. If you have a question you would like an answer to, please submit it through our contact page on this site. 

Where can I get access to information on this project?

Two areas: one being this website under the "Project Documents" tab, the second being on the Town of Ashland website.

Is this a 40B? 

No, the proposed project is not a 40B. The proposal utilizes the Pond Street Mixed Use Overlay District (PSMUOD) zoning that the town voted to approve in 2009. The  overlay district has requirements for affordable housing in projects creating more than10 dwelling units. 

Where will meetings for this project be held? 

For the time being, our understanding is that all planning board meetings will be held virtually via Zoom. The calendar on the town website will provide a link to the agenda for any given public meeting, which will have instructions on how to join the meeting. 

Where can I find the PSMUOD zoning bylaw?  

The Town of Ashland website has links to the zoning bylaw (ch. 282). The PSMUOD bylaw is located in Section 8 " Overlay and Special District regulations". 

When will construction start? 

A timeline for construction has not yet been set. 

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